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Asbestos Products By Company

Following is a sampling of some of the asbestos-containing products manufactured or distributed by companies for use in the American marketplace. This list is not all-inclusive.

A. P. Green Industries, Inc. A. P. Green Insulating Cement (1947-1971)
  Castable Block Mix (1955-1972)
  Castable Mix 204 (1965-1972)
  Dropsy Fry 202 (1965-1972)
  Green Pipe Covering (1956-1976)
  Greencast 22 L GR (1970-1972)
  Greencast 94 GR (1968-1972)
  Greencast 97 GR (1968-1972)
  Greencast 97 L GR (1967-1972)
  Insblock (1970-1971)
  Insulation Adhesive (1947-1972)
  Insulation Coating (1948-1971)
  Kast-O-Lite GR (1956-1972)
  Kast-O-Lite 30 GR (1970-1972)
  LoAbrade GR (1966-1972)
  Loose Wool Insulation  
  MC 30 (1966-1972)
  Mizzou GR (1966-1972)
  SK-7 Cement (1953-1972)
  Steelkon BF (1970-1972)
  Steelkon GR (1967-1972)
  Steelplant Castable B (1960-1972)
  Therm-O-Flake Coating (1963-1965)
  Therm-O-Flake Block Insulation (1963-1972)
A. W. Chesterton Company Asbestos Cloth (1907-1974)
  Gaskets (1907-1974)
  Packing (1907-1974)
Abex Corporation Brake Linings (1926-1987)
Allied Signal Corporation (See Bendix Corporation)  
Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing Company Boilers  
AmChem, Inc. (Benjamin Foster Company)    
  Black Cat Roof Coating  
American Steel and Wire Company Cable  
Anaconda Cable  
Anchor Packing Company Anchor Gaskets (1908-1984)
  Anchor Packing (1908-1984)
  Brake Linings (1908-1984)
  Target Sheet Gaskets (1908-1984)
  VY-Flex Ring Packing  
  VY-Flex Spiral Packing  
Aqua-Chem, Inc. (Cleaver-Brooks) Boilers  
Armstrong Contracting and Supply Corporation (AC&S) Aircell Pipe Covering (1958-1968)
  Armabestos Block Insulation and Pipe Covering (1958-1968)
  Armatemp Block Insulation  
  Armatemp Cement No. 10 (1961-1972)
  Armatemp Cement No. 166  
  Armatemp Insulating Cement (1967-1974)
  Armstrong 85% Magnesia Block Insulation (1958, 1964-1970)
  Armstrong 85% Magnesia Pipe Covering (1958, 1964-1970)
  Armstrong Hi-Temp Block Insulation (1958-1965)
  Armstrong Hi-Temp Pipe Covering (1958-1965)
  Armstrong Kaytherm Pipe Covering (1957, 1962-1964)
  Armstrong LT Cork Covering (1956-1960)
  Duplex Wool Felt Pipe Insulation (1945-1954, 1956, 1963)
  Kaylo Pipe Covering (1958-1959)
  Limpet LW25 Raw Asbestos Fiber  
  Limpet Spray (1958-1974)
  LK Block Insulation (1960-1973)
  Limpet LW25 Raw Asbestos Fiber (1960-1973)
  LK Pipe Covering  
Armstrong World Industries, Inc. Asbestos Tile (1931-1970)
  Asbestos Floor Tiles (1931-1970)
  Accobest AS-474 Gasketing Material  
  Accobest AS-8073 Gasketing Material  
  Accopac AD-8024 Asbestos Paper  
  Asbestos Felt  
Asten-Hill Manufacturing Company (1945-1975) Asbestos Felt  
  Bestmesh Felt  
  Calcot Felt  
  Syncot Felt  
  Synbest Felt  
  Thermesh Felt  
  Ventmesh Felt  
Atlas Asbestos Insulating Cement  
(G. W.) Berkheimer Company, Inc. Roofing Cement  
  Roof Coating  
Babcock and Wilcox Company Asbestos-lined Furnaces  
  Rope Packing  
Barrett Roofing Company Roofing Cement  
Belmont Packing Company Packing  
Bendix Corporation Brake Linings (1939-1988)
Bird and Son Roof Coating  
  Roofing Cement  
Borg-Warner Corporation Brake Linings
  Clutch Linings (1928-1980s)
Capco Pipe Company Asbestos Cement Pipe (1965-1993)
Celotex Corporation (Philip Carey Manufacturing Company) Carey 7-M Asbestos Shorts (1906-1972)
  Carey Block Insulation (1906-1961)
  Carey Fiberock Felt (1960-1973)
  Carey Insulating Cement
  Carey Millboard (1906-1972)
  Carey MW-50 Insulating Cement (1940-1972)  
  Carey Pipe Covering (1906-1961)
  Careytemp Block Insulation (1958-1969)
  Careytemp Pipe Covering
  Careytemp Insulating Cement (1958-1969)
CertainTeed Corporation Asbestos Cement Sheets (1968-1976)
  CertainTeed Asbestos Roof Coating (1930-1982)
  CertainTeed Asbestos Cement Pipe (1962-1992)
  CertainTeed Cold Process Cement (1940-1967)
  CertainTeed Joint Treating Compound (1937-1956)
  CertainTeed Plastic Cement (1930-1983)
  CertainTeed Sealing Cement (1930-1976)
  Wet Seal Plastic Cement (1961-1977)
Chevron, USA Roof Coating (1926-1984)
Chrysler Corporation Brake Linings
(1925-????) (1973, 1st warning)
  Clutch Linings (1925-????) (1973, 1st warning)
Columbia Boiler Company Boilers  
Combustion Engineering, Inc. Boilers  
  Calcrete Insulating Cement (1964-1970)
  Griptex Block Insulation (M. H. Detrick*) (1964-1972)
  Hilite Insulating Cement (M. H. Detrick) (1964-1968)
  Kaiser Hard Top Insulating Cement (1964-1972)
  Kaiser M Block Insulation (1959-1972)
  MHD Finishing Cement (M. H. Detrick) (1964-1968)
  Permiseal Weathercoating (1964-1975)
  Pyroscat Fireproofing Cement (M. H. Detrick) (1964-1972)
  Stick-Tite Insulating Cement (1963-1972)
  Super 711 Insulating Cement (M. H. Detrick) (1964-1972)
  Super Finish Insulating Cement (1965-1968)
  Super Finish Stick-Tite Insulating Cement (1963-1972)
  Super Stick-Tite Insulating Cement (1963-1972)
  Utility Thermal Finishing Cement (M. H. Detrick) (1964-1972)
  WeatherKote Protective Air-Check Cement (1963-1971)
  WeatherKote Protective Coating (1963-1977)
  WeatherKote Protective Duriseal (1964-1973)
WeatherKote Protective Thermal Coat (1964)
  * These products were manufactured by M. H. Detrick Company, but distributed by Combustion Engineering, Inc.  
Congoleum Corporation Asbestos Tiles (1950s-1970s)
Crane Packing Company Gaskets  
  Hydraulic Packings  
  Ring Packing  
  Rope Packing  
Crown Cork and Seal Company, Inc. (Mundet Cork Corporation) Mundet Block Insulation (1950s-1963)
  Mundet Insulating Cement (1950s-1963)
  Mundet Pipe Covering (1950s-1963)
(M. H.) Detrick Company Calcrete Insulating Cement (1949-1964)
  Detrick Block Insulation (1937-1956)
  Detrick Insulating Cement (1943-1958)
  Fibrous Adhesive (1958-1964)
  Griptex Block Insulation (1956-1964)
  Hilite Insulating Cement (1959-1964)
  MDH Finishing Cement (1947-1964)
  MW Insulating Cement (1937-1956)
  Pyroscat Fireproofing Cement (1954-1964)
  Super 711 Insulating Cement (1956-1964)
  Utility Thermal Insulating Cement (1956-1964)
Dana Corporation (Victor Manufacturing and Gasket Company) Brake Linings  
  Gaskets (1946-1969)
  Sheet Gaskets  
  Spraycraft Fireproofing (1964-1969)
  Valve Cover Set  
Dossert Corporation Cable (1944-1972)
  Wire (1944-1972)
Eagle-Picher Industries, Inc. 43 Insulating Cement (1944-1971)
  Hylo Insulating Cement (1963-1971)
  Insulating Cement (1936-1975)
  One-Cote Insulating Cement (1960-1971)
  Pipe Coverings (1956-1960)
  Super 66 Insulating Cement (1930-1971)
  Supertemp Block Insulation  
Fibreboard Corporation (Plant Rubber and Asbestos Company) 127 Insulating Cement (1966-1975)
  Caltemp Block Insulation (1950-1969)
  Caltemp Insulating Cement (1950-1969)
  Caltemp Pipe Covering (1950-1969)
  FI Insulating Cement (1963-1966)
  Floor Tile  
  Pabco 85% Magnesia Block Insulation (1941-1971)
  Pabco 85% Magnesia Insulating Cement (1941-1971)
  Pabco 85% Magnesia Pipe Covering (1941-1971)
  Pabco Block Insulation (1941-1971)
  Pabco Insulating Cement (1941-1971)
  Pabco Pipe Covering (1941-1971)
  Prasco Block Insulation (1941-1957)
  Prasco Insulating Cement (1941-1957)
  Prasco Pipe Covering (1941-1957)
  Plant Pipe Covering  
  Rolled Roofing  
  Roofing Felt  
  Super Caltemp Block Insulation (1968-1971)
  Super Caltemp Insulating Cement (1968-1971)
  Super Caltemp Pipe Covering (1968-1971)
  Taping Compound  
Flexitallic Gasket Company, Inc. Gaskets (1912-1992)
Flintkote Company #229 Antisweat Compound (1947-1978)
  Asbestos Cement Board (1950-1970)
  Asbestos Cement Pipe (1962-1977)
  Asbestos Cement Sheets  
  Asbestos Felt (1940-1983)
  Black Joint Cement (1946-1960)
  Ceiling Tiles (1973-1974) (Midwest Only)
  Fibrex Cement (1940s-1982)
  Floor Tiles (1945-1980)
  GF-8 Floor Tile Cement (1940s-1982)
  Joint Treatment Compound (1955-1976)
  Plastic Cement (1940s-1982)
  Rexalt Roof Coating (1950-1981)
  Roof Coating (1945-1982)
  Roofing Products  
  Roofing Shingles (1950s-1970s)
  Siding (1950s-1970s)
  Thermalkote Insulation Coating (1940s-1982)
  Weld-On Cement (1945-1981)
Ford Motor Company Brake Linings (1909-????) (1980, 1st warning)
  Clutch Linings (1909-????) (1980, 1st warning)
Forty-Eight Insulation, Inc. 48 Block Insulation (1930-1960)
  48 Insulating Cement (1960-1970)
  Pipe Covering  
  Quik-Set Insulating Finishing Cement (1960-1970)
Foster-Wheeler Corporation Boilers  
GAF/Ruberoid 115 Insulating Cement (1936-1975)
  203 Insulating Cement  
  214 Insulating Cement (1936-1975)
  Anti-Sweat Pipe Covering (1936-1958)
  Asbestos Millboard (1928-1981)
  Asbestos Paper (1928-1981)
  Asbestos Tiles  
  Block Insulation (1940-1970)
  Brick-Strip Paper  
  Calsilite Block Insulation (1947-1971)
  Calsilite Block Insulation (Navy Only) (1944-1947)
  Calsilite Insulating Cement (1951-1960)
  Calsilite Pipe Covering (1947-1971)
  Calsilite Pipe Covering (Navy Only) (1944-1947)
  Coverkote Prior to 1955  
  Floor Tiles  
  GAF Asbestos Base Felt  
  GAF Millboard (1928-1981)
  GAF Weather Coat Emulsion  
  Hearth-Glow Brick  
  Hooker Grade Fiber  
  Roofing Felt  
  Ruberoid Block Insulation  
  Ruberoid Insulating Cement  
  Ruberoid Pipe Covering  
  Ruberoid Millboard (1928-1981)
  Vermont Asbestos 7M Insulating Cement (1950-1975)
  Vermont Asbestos Fibers  
  Vermont Asbestos Grade 115 Raw Asbestos Fiber  
  Vinylflex Floor Tile  
Garlock, Inc. Asbestos Cloth (1907-1980)
  Gaskets (1907-1980)
  Packing (1907-1980)
  Ring Packing (1907-1980)
  Rope Packing (1907-1980)
  Sheet Gaskets (1907-1980)
  Sheet Packing (1907-1980)
  Valve Packing (1907-1980)
General Electric Company Cable  
General Motors Corporation Brake Linings (1920-????)
  Brake Linings for Automatic Transmission (1965-1979)
  Clutch Linings (1976, 1st warning) (1946-????)
  Clutch Linings for Automatic Transmission (1946-1975)
  Clutch Linings for Manual Transmission (1930-1985)
  Disc Brakes (1966-1985)
  Drum Brakes (1920-1975)
  Locomotive Brake Shoes (1964-1983)
  (All for autos, trucks, buses, and stationary machinery.)  
General Refractories Company (Grefco) Diabestos Filteraid (1966-1973)  
  Fibrous Adhesive (1955-1981)  
  Filter Pre-Coat (1966-1973)  
  Grefco Insulating Cement (1955-1973)
  Insul-Finish Cement (1960-1971)
  Litecast 30 Cement (1961-1973)
  MX 17 Block Insulation (1964-1973)
  MX 17 Insulating Cement (1964-1973)
  Steelklad Dibond Firebrick (1966-1978)
Georgia-Pacific Corporation (Bestwall Gypsum Company, 1956-1965) Acoustical Plaster (1950s-1974)
  All Purpose Joint Compound (1967-1977)
  Bedding Compound (1956-1977)
  Dry Mixed Joint Compound (1956-1977)
  Drywall Adhesive (1972)
  Joint Compound (1956-1977)
  Kalite (1956-1959)
  Laminating Compound (1969)
  Lite Acoustical Plaster (1958-1964)
  Patching Plaster (1956-1976)
  Ready Mix Joint Compound (1963-1977)
  Roof Coating (1975-????)
  Spackling Compound (1956-1971)
  Speed Set Joint Compound (1962-1974)
  Texture (1956-1974)
  Topping Compound (1956-1977)
  Triple Duty Joint Compound (1956-1977)
Grant-Wilson, Inc. Furnace Cement
  Fyrex (1935-1982)
  Gum-Bestos Insulating Cement (1935-1977)
  Millboard (1935-1982)
  Paper (1935-1982)
H. K. Porter Company (Southern Asbestos) Asbestos Cloth (1958-1974)
  Therm-A-Gard (1967-1974)
Harbison-Walker Refractories Company Asbestos Rope (1967-1970)
  Chromepak G (1964-1975)
  H-W Lightweight Castable #10 (1960-1975)
  Metalkase Firebrick (1964-1981)
  Micracrete Refractory Cement (1964-1975)
Haveg Pipe Company (1970-1980) 41 Cement  
  61 Cement  
  Asbestos Cement Pipe  
  Chemtile Pipe  
  Haveg Pipe  
  Transite Pipe  
Johns Manville Corporation 7M-13 Raw Asbestos Fibers  
  352 Insulating Cement (1922-1973)
  85% Magnesia Block Insulation (1902-1970)
  85% Magnesia Cement (1902-1970)
  85% Magnesia Pipe Covering (1902-1970)
  Block Insulation (1930-1973)
  Cable Fireproofing  
  Ebony Electric Boards  
  Furnace Cement  
  Insulating Cement (1930-1973)
  Marinite Board (1906-1975)
  Millboard (1910-1990)
  Pipe Covering (1902-1970)
  Roofing Products  
  Rope Packing  
  Thermobestos Block Insulation (1950-1974)
  Thermobestos Cement (1950-1974)
  Thermobestos Pipe Covering (1950-1974)
  Transite Pipe (1906-1975)
  Transite Roofing (1906-1975)
  Transite Sheets (1906-1975)
  Transite Siding (1906-1975)
Kaiser Aluminum and Chemical Corporation Hard Top Cement (1959-1972)
  Kaiser Vee Block Insulation (1959-1974)
  Kaiser Vee Block Mix (1959-1974)
  M Block Insulation (1959-1972)
  Plastic Chrome Ore (1974-1977)
  Plastic Insulation (1959-1972)
  Plastic K-N Refractory Cement (1974-1977)
  Super D Insulating Block (1971-1974)
Kaiser Gypsum Company, Inc. Cover-Tex Wall Texture  
  Dual Purpose Joint Compound  
  Finishing Compound  
  Joint Compound  
  Kaiser Mineral Fibreboard  
  K-Spray Ceiling Texture (1961-1975)
  Masonry Cement  
  Null-A-Fire Board (1969-1978)
  One-Day Joint Compound  
  Plastic Cement  
  Plastic Gun Cement  
  Premix Finishing Compound  
Keene Corporation (Baldwin-Ehret-Hill, Inc., Baldwin-Hill Company, Ehret Magnesia Manufacturing Company, Mundet Cork Corporation) B-H Insulating Cement  
  B-H #1 Insulating Cement  
  Enduro Block Insulation (1924-1955)
  Enduro Insulating Cement (1924-1955)
  Enduro Pipe Covering (1924-1955)
  Mono-Spray (1963-1970)
  Monoblock Insulating Block (1941-1968)
  No. 1 Insulating Cement (1938-1971)
  No. 1 Plus Insulating Cement (1938-1971)
  Pyrospray (1963-1971)
  Pyrospray “S” (1963-1971)
  Styltone (1957-1972)
  Super Powerhouse Insulating Cement (1957-1971)
  Thermalite Block Insulation (1950s-1964)
  Thermalite Insulating Cement (1950s-1974)
  Thermalite Pipe Covering (1950s-1974)
  Thermasil Block Insulation (1956-1972)
  Thermasil Pipe Covering (1956-1972)
  Uni-Coustic (1963-1971)
Kelly-Moore Paint Company Bedding Cement (1960-1970)
  Deco-Tex Ceiling Texture (1964-1978)
  Paco All-Purpose Joint Compound (1960-1978)
  Paco Finishing Compound (1960-1977)
  Paco Joint Cement  
  Paco Joint Compound (1960-1978)
  Paco Quik-Set Joint Compound (1963-1978)
  Paco Ready Mix Joint Compound (1960-1978)
  Paco Spray Texture  
  Paco Taping Compound (1970-1977)
  Paco Texture  
  Paco Texture Paint  
  Paco Topping Compound (1963-1978)
  Paco Wall Texture
  Paco-Tex Wall Texture  
Kewanee Boiler Corporation Boilers  
Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company (3M) 3M Adhesive (1935-1986)
  3M Caulk (1935-1986)
  3M Dust Masks  
  3M Cement (1935-1986)
  3M Sealers (1935-1986)
  3M Wet Adhesives (1935-1986)
Mobil Oil Corporation Armorcote Adhesive (1964-1973)
  Armorcote Cement (1964-1973)
  Dum-Dum Adhesive (1964-1973)
  Dum-Dum Caulk (1964-1973)
  Dum-Dum Cement (1964-1973)
  Dum-Dum Nail Hole (1964-1973)
  Dum-Dum Masonic Adhesive (1964-1973)
Dum-Dum Masonic Cement
National Gypsum Company Asbestos Panels (1954-1981)
  Asbestone Cement Wallboard  
  Asbestone Panels (1954-1981)
  Asbestone Roofing (1954-1981)
  Chromatone Siding Shingles (1954-1968)
  Gold Bond Acoustical Products  
  Gold Bond All-Purpose Joint Compound (1935-1975)
  Gold Bond Hexagonal Shingles (1954-1965)
  Gold Bond Insulating Cement (1941-1957)
  Gold Bond Joint Compound (1935-1976)
  Gold Bond Millboard  
  Gold Bond Panels (1957-1979)
  Gold Bond Permaboard (1954-1981)
  Gold Bond Quik-Treat Joint Compound (1935-1976)
  Gold Bond Ranch-Style Shingles (1956-1969)
  Gold Bond Ready Mixed Joint Compound (1935-1975)
  Gold Bond Sprayolite Acoustical Plaster (1956-1973)
  Gold Bond Topping Compound (1935-1975)
  Gold Bond Two-in-One Joint Compound  
  Gold Bond Wallboard  
Nicolet, Inc. (Turner-Newell through 1962) Aircell Pipe Covering (1952-1964)
  Featherweight Pipe Covering (1962-1964)
  K & M Hy-Temp Block Insulation  
  K & M Pipe Covering (1962-1964)
  K & M Rope Packing  
  Kaytherm Pipe Covering (1962-1964)
  Limpet Spray (1930s-1963)
North American Refractories Company (NARCO) Aerogun (1971-1979)
  Anti-Erode (1963-1977)
  BOF Cote (1966-1975)
  BOF Patch (1966-1975)
  Gun Mix (1963-1975)
  Hot Gun (1964-1977)
  Narcocast Refractory Cement (1963-1977)
  Narcocrete Refractory Cement (1963-1977)
  Narcogun (1963-1977)
  Narcolite Gun Mix  
  Narcolite Refractory Cement (1961-1977)
  Narcotab Refractory Cement  
  Narmag Gun Mix (1970-1980)
  Staz-On Insulating Cement  
  Unicote Gun Mix  
Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corporation Ceiling Tiles  
  Insulating Cement (1940-1951)
  Finishing Cement (1940-1951)
  Kaylo 10 Block Insulation  
  Kaylo 20 Block Insulation  
  Kaylo Block Insulation (1953-1975)
  Kaylo Pipe Covering (1953-1975)
  Type II Mastic (1964-1978)
  Ready Mix (1940-1952)
Owens-Illinois, Inc. Kaylo Block Insulation
  Kaylo Pipe Covering (1944-1958)
Pfizer, Inc. Kilnoise Acoustical Plaster  
Pittsburgh Corning Corporation Unibestos Block Insulation (1962-1972)
  Unibestos Pipe Covering (1962-1972)
Proko Industries, Inc. All-Pro Joint Compound (1975-1977)
  Arsitex Acoustical Spray Texture (1959-1977)
  Forbest A Three-in-One
  Forbest Acous-T-Coat (1968-1977)
  Forbest All-Purpose Joint Compound (1970-1977)
  Forbest Joint Compound (1970-1977)
  Forbest Redi-Mix (1970-1977)
  Glidden Spray Texture (1973-1977)
  Jones-Blair All-Purpose Joint Compound (1966-1968)
  Jones-Blair Bloc Seal (1966-1968)
  Jones-Blair Joint Compound (1966-1968)
  Jones-Blair Redi-Mix Joint Treatment (1966-1968)
  Mr. Mudd Joint Compound (1968-1977)
  Mr. Mudd Redi-Mix Joint Treatment (1968-1977)
  Mr. Mudd Texture Products (1968-1977)
  Napko Joint Compound (1972-1977)
  Triko Code 100 Joint Compound (1968-1976)
  Triko Pro-Tex Texture (1955-1977)
  Triko Super-Tex Texture (1955-1977)
  Triko Three-in-One Joint Compound (1954-1977)
  Triko Top-Kote Joint Compound (1954-1977)
  Universal All Purpose Joint Treatment (1962-1977)
  Universal Joint Compound (1962-1977)
  Universal Redi-Mix Joint Treatment (1962-1977)
Quigley Company, Inc. Damit Joint Sealant (1940-1970)
  Fiberock Felt (1960-1973)
  Insulag Refractory Cement (1935-1974)
  Insulbox Refractory Cement (1935-1974)
  Insuline Refractory Cement (1940-1970)
  Panelag Refractory Cement (1945-1974)
  Panelbond Refractory Cement
  Quigley Refractory Cement  
  Waterproof Cement (1959-1974)
Raybestos-Manhattan, Inc. Asbestos Cloth (1910-1975)
  Asbestos Packing (1920s-1975)
  Brake Linings  
  Rope Packing  
  Speedlag Cloth  
Reynolds Metals Company (Atlantic Asphalt & Asbestos Company, 1940-1978) AAA Rolled Roofing  
  AAA Roof Paper  
  AAA Roof Shingles  
  AAA Roofing  
  AAA Roofing Felt  
Riley Stoker Corporation Boilers (1911-1979)
Rock Wool Manufacturing Company Delta Maid High Temp Insulating Cement (1958-1970)
  Delta Maid High Temp-Master Insulating Cement
  Delta Maid One Shot Insulating Cement (1958-1970)
Rockbestos Company Cable (1918-1986)
  Wire (1918-1986)
Rutland Fire Clay Company Joint Compound (1910-1977)
  Roofing Cement (1910-1977)
SEPCO Corporation, Inc. Asbestos Cloth  
  Gaskets (1924-1984)
  Packing (1924-1984)
Synkoloid Company Eze Tex (1949-1975)
  Flexi-Patch (1960-1976)
  Kool Kap Roof Coating (1965-1976)
  Plastibond (1950-1976)
  Prime-n-Fill (1950-1975)
  Snohide (1962-1975)
  Stucco “N” Cement Patch (1950-1975)
  Synko Patch-All  
  Synko Patch Rite Patching Plaster  
  Synko Plaster of Paris  
  Synko Prime-Rite Wall Size  
  Synko Pumice  
  Synko Spackling Powder  
  Synko Triple Duty Joint Cement and Texture  
  Synko Triple Duty Joint Compound (1950-1975)
  Synkoloid Triple Duty Joint Compound (1950-1975)
  Synkoloid Tri Sodium Phosphate  
  Tex Add (1950-1975)
  Texwall (1949-1975)
  Vinyl Concrete & Masonry Patch  
  Vinyl Prep Mix (1962-1977)
  Vinyl Tex Wall Surface Conditioner Paste (1972-1976)
U. S. Gypsum Company Acoustical Plaster (1954-1972)
  Block Insulation (1943-1950)
  Durabond Joint Compound (1952-1976)
  Hi-Lite Acoustical Plaster (1953-1972)
  Imperial Plaster (1964-1976)
  Joint Compound (1920s-1976)
  K-Fac Block Insulation (1943-1950; 1970-1971)
  Perf-A-Tape Cement (1944-1976)
  Pipe Covering (1936-1938)
  Plaster (1920s-1970s)
  Red Top Audicote Acoustical Plaster (1954-1975)
  Red Top Firecode “V” Plaster (1962-1970)
  Red Top Plaster (1929-1972)
  Sabinite Plaster (1930-1964)
  Sheetrock Texture (1964-1976)
  Texolite Joint Compound (1963-1976)
  Texolite Paint Products  
  USG Joint Compound (1937-1976)
  USG Multi-Purpose Texture Finish (1963-1976)
  USG Plaster  
  USG Siding Shingles (1937-1975)
U. S. Mineral Products Corporation Cafco Blaze Shield Fireproofing (1958-1972)
  Cafco Fireproofing (1958-1972)
  Cafco Heat Shield Fireproofing (1958-1971)
  Cafco Patching Fiber (1954-1971)
  Cafco Power Shield Fireproofing (1964-1971)
  Cafco Sound Shield Acoustical (1958-1964)
  Cafco Spray (1954-1958)
  Cominco All-Purpose Insulating Cement  
  Cominco Mono-Ply Insulating Cement (1963-1971)
  J Spray (1964-1967)
Union Carbide Corporation Bakelite Panels
  Panelboard (1939-1974)
Uniroyal Asbestos Cloth (1941-1976)
W. R. Grace and Company Mono-Kote Cement (1958-1973)
  Mono-Kote Fireproofing (1958-1973)
  Zono-Coustic (1959-1973)
  Zonolite Acoustical Plaster (1945-1972)
  Zonolite Insulating Cement (1938-1971)
  Zonolite Econowhite (1956-1970)
  Zonolite Fireproofing (1958-1973)
  Zonolite High Temperature Insulating Cement (1938-1971)
  Zonolite Plaster (1945-1972)
  Zonolite MK-1 Spray Insulation (1958-1969)
  Zonolite MK-2 Spray Insulation (1960-1972)
  Zonolite Spraytex (1955-1972)
  Zonolite Super 40 Spray Surfacer (1966-1973)
Wagner Electric Corporation Brake Linings  
  Clutch Linings  
Westinghouse Electric Company Cable  




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Mesothelioma Attorney CHLW is helping victims with asbestsos disease across the country.
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